1.7. Authors of LAMMPS

The primary LAMMPS developers are at Sandia National Labs and Temple University:

  • Steve Plimpton, sjplimp at gmail.com

  • Aidan Thompson, athomps at sandia.gov

  • Stan Moore, stamoor at sandia.gov

  • Axel Kohlmeyer, akohlmey at gmail.com

  • Richard Berger, richard.berger at outlook.com

Past developers include Paul Crozier and Mark Stevens, both at Sandia, and Ray Shan, now at Materials Design.

The Authors page of the LAMMPS website has a comprehensive list of all the individuals who have contributed code for a new feature or command or tool to LAMMPS.

The following folks deserve special recognition. Many of the packages they have written are unique for an MD code and LAMMPS would not be as general-purpose as it is without their expertise and efforts.

  • Metin Aktulga (MSU), REAXFF package for C/C++ version of ReaxFF

  • Mike Brown (Intel), GPU and INTEL packages

  • Colin Denniston (U Western Ontario), LATBOLTZ package

  • Georg Ganzenmuller (EMI), MACHDYN and SPH packages

  • Andres Jaramillo-Botero (Caltech), EFF package for electron force field

  • Reese Jones (Sandia) and colleagues, ATC package for atom/continuum coupling

  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing), LIGGGHTS code for granular materials, built on top of LAMMPS

  • Rudra Mukherjee (JPL), POEMS package for articulated rigid body motion

  • Trung Ngyuen (U Chicago), GPU, RIGID, BODY, and DIELECTRIC packages

  • Mike Parks (Sandia), PERI package for Peridynamics

  • Roy Pollock (LLNL), Ewald and PPPM solvers

  • Julien Tranchida (CEA Cadarache), SPIN package

  • Christian Trott (Sandia), CUDA and KOKKOS packages

  • Ilya Valuev (JIHT), AWPMD package for wave packet MD

  • Greg Wagner (Northwestern U), MEAM package for MEAM potential

As discussed on the History page of the website, LAMMPS originated as a cooperative project between DOE labs and industrial partners. Folks involved in the design and testing of the original version of LAMMPS were the following:

  • John Carpenter (Mayo Clinic, formerly at Cray Research)

  • Terry Stouch (Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, formerly at Bristol Myers Squibb)

  • Steve Lustig (Dupont)

  • Jim Belak and Roy Pollock (LLNL)