dump cfg/uef command


dump ID group-ID cfg/uef N file mass type xs ys zs args
  • ID = user-assigned name for the dump

  • group-ID = ID of the group of atoms to be dumped

  • N = dump every this many timesteps

  • file = name of file to write dump info to

    args = same as args for dump custom


dump 1 all cfg/uef 10 dump.*.cfg mass type xs ys zs
dump 2 all cfg/uef 100 dump.*.cfg mass type xs ys zs id c_stress


This command is used to dump atomic coordinates in the reference frame of the applied flow field when fix nvt/uef or fix npt/uef is used. Only the atomic coordinates and frame-invariant scalar quantities will be in the flow frame. If velocities are selected as output, for example, they will not be in the same reference frame as the atomic positions.


This fix is part of the UEF package. It is only enabled if LAMMPS was built with that package. See the Build package page for more info.

This command can only be used when fix nvt/uef or fix npt/uef is active.