2.5. Download source and documentation as a tarball

You can download a current LAMMPS tarball from the download page of the LAMMPS website.

You have two choices of tarballs, either the most recent stable release or the most current patch release. Stable releases occur a few times per year, and undergo more testing before release. Patch releases occur a couple times per month. The new contents in all releases are listed on the bug and feature page of the website.

Both tarballs include LAMMPS documentation (HTML and PDF files) corresponding to that version. The download page also has an option to download the current-version LAMMPS documentation by itself.

Older versions of LAMMPS can also be downloaded from this page.

Once you have a tarball, unzip and untar it with the following command:

$ tar -xzvf lammps*.tar.gz

This will create a LAMMPS directory with the version date in its name, e.g. lammps-23Jun18.

You can also download a compressed tar or zip archives from the “Assets” sections of the LAMMPS GitHub releases site. The file name will be lammps-<version>.zip which can be unzipped with the following command, to create a lammps-<version> dir:

$ unzip lammps*.zip

This version corresponds to the selected LAMMPS patch or stable release.