fix_modify AtC mesh create_faceset box command


fix_modify <AtC fixID> mesh create_faceset <id> box <xmin> <xmax> <ymin> <ymax> <zmin> <zmax> <in|out> [units]
  • AtC fixID = ID of fix atc instance

  • mesh create_faceset = name of the AtC sub-command

  • id = id to assign to the collection of FE faces

  • box = use bounding box to define FE faces

  • <xmin> <xmax> <ymin> <ymax> <zmin> <zmax> = coordinates of the bounding box that is coincident with the desired FE faces

  • <in|out> = “in” gives inner faces to the box, “out” gives the outer faces to the box

  • units = option to specify real as opposed to lattice units


fix_modify AtC mesh create_faceset obndy box -4.0 4.0 -12 12 -12 12 out


Command to assign an id to a set of FE faces.


Only viable for rectangular grids.


The default options are units = lattice and the use of outer faces.