fix_modify AtC mesh create_faceset plane command


fix_modify <AtC fixID> mesh create_faceset <id> plane <x|y|z> <val1> <x|y|z> <lval2> <uval2> [units]
  • AtC fixID = ID of fix atc instance

  • mesh create_faceset = name of the AtC sub-command

  • id = id to assign to the collection of FE faces

  • plane = use plane to define faceset

  • <val1>,<lval2>,<uval2> = plane is specified as the x|y|z=val1 plane bounded by the segments x|y|z = [lval2,uval2]

  • units = option to specify real as opposed to lattice units


fix_modify AtC mesh create_faceset xyplane plane y 0 x -4 0


Command to assign an id to a set of FE faces.


Only viable for rectangular grids.


The default options are units = lattice.