fix_modify AtC output command


fix_modify <AtC fixID> output <filename_prefix> <frequency> [text|full_text|binary|vector_components|tensor_components]
fix_modify <AtC fixID> output index [step|time]
  • AtC fixID = ID of fix atc instance

  • output or output index = name of the AtC sub-command

  • filename_prefix = prefix for data files (for output)

  • frequency = frequency of output in timesteps (for output)

  • optional keywords for output:

    • text = creates text output of index, step and nodal variable values for unique nodes

    • full_text = creates text output index, nodal id, step, nodal coordinates and nodal variable values for unique and image nodes

    • binary = creates binary EnSight output

    • vector_components = outputs vectors as scalar components

    • tensor_components = outputs tensor as scalar components (for use with ParaView)

  • step or time = index output by step or by time (for output index)


fix_modify AtC output heatFE 100
fix_modify AtC output hardyFE 1 text tensor_components
fix_modify AtC output hardyFE 10 text binary tensor_components
fix_modify AtC output index step


Creates text and/or binary (EnSight, “gold” format) output of nodal/mesh data which is transfer/physics specific. Output indexing by step or time is possible.




No default format. Output indexed by time.