log command


log file keyword
  • file = name of new logfile

  • keyword = append if output should be appended to logfile (optional)


log log.equil
log log.equil append


This command closes the current LAMMPS log file, opens a new file with the specified name, and begins logging information to it. If the specified file name is none, then no new log file is opened. If the optional keyword append is specified, then output will be appended to an existing log file, instead of overwriting it.

If multiple processor partitions are being used, the file name should be a variable, so that different processors do not attempt to write to the same log file.

The file “log.lammps” is the default log file for a LAMMPS run. The name of the initial log file can also be set by the -log command-line switch.




The default LAMMPS log file is named log.lammps